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Popular Spanish folk singer Isabel Pantoja sentenced to 2 years for money-laundering

MADRID – A Spanish court has sentenced popular Spanish folk singer Isabel Pantoja to two years in jail after convicting her of money laundering.

Pantoja is not likely to go to jail, as first sentences of two years or less are generally suspended in Spain.

The Malaga city court Tuesday also fined her 1.2 million euros ($1.57 million).

Pantoja was found guilty of laundering money for Julian Munoz, a former boyfriend and one-time mayor of the resort city of Marbella.

Munoz, who was sentenced to seven years, ran a scheme of providing building permits in Marbella in return for bribes.

Pantoja is a fixture in Spain’s gossip magazines and TV shows. She was married to the famous bullfighter Francisco “Paquirri” Rivera, who died in the bullring in 1984.