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Beat cold weather blues with active lifestyle, expert suggests

It may have felt like spring Tuesday but we’re in for some more cold, dark and damp weather by the end of the week.

With this roller coaster weather, your mood may be going up and down with it.

“When the weather’s not good, it’s hard to be happy,” one man told 680News.

“It was warm for a week and then it got cold and it put me in a really bad mood,” another man said.

Ann Marie MacDonald of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario says we all get the winter blues and with the ever-changing weather it can hit people harder than usual.

MacDonald says living an active lifestyle like you would in good weather will keep your spirits up year-round.

“Talking to your friends, getting out and exercising, watching your diet, get adequate sleep, avoid alcohol,” she said.

She also says when the weather gets you down, it’s a good time to pamper yourself.

“You can go and get a massage. Pilates or yoga are really good things as well.”

MacDonald says sleep is one of the most important things to get to ward off the blues.