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Study finds Canadian employees near the bottom for vacation time

On average, Canadian employees get 15 vacation days a year, which is actually less than in many other developed nations.

A study by hotels.com looked at 30 countries, and found Canada is actually second last with only Mexico ranking lower at 13 days.

Several people who spoke with 680News said they think the lack of time off is unfair and can be detrimental.

“You should get at least six-or-seven weeks a year,” said one man.

“I think we deserve more time off, our lives are very stressful today, we’re working too hard, and too long,” another man said.

So what would we do with those extra days off?

“Spend them with kids for sure, holidays, some vacations, those are precious times,” said one woman.

The study found that with just two weeks of paid vacation for many Canadians, they are suffering from vacation deprivation.

This often leads to people being forced to take unpaid time off.