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Wynne rejects public inquiry into cancelled gas plants in Oakville, Mississauga

TORONTO – Ontario’s Liberal government is dismissing opposition calls for a judicial inquiry into cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

The Progressive Conservatives don’t support the NDP’s call for a public inquiry into the cancelled energy projects, and say they want a judge who cannot be influenced by government to head any probe.

Premier Kathleen Wynne didn’t address the Tories’ demand directly, but she rejected the idea of a public inquiry into the cancellation of the gas plants, which the Liberals say cost taxpayers $230 million.

Wynne says all the answers the opposition parties are looking for will come from either a legislative committee or an auditor general’s investigation.

The Conservatives say they’ll call a judicial inquiry if they win the next election because they can’t force the minority government to agree to one.

Wynne also dismissed accusations that she misled the public by saying all the documents on cancelled gas plants were released months ago, when another 600 pages turned up last week.

Wynne says they were basing their statements on information they had at the time.

But NDP Leader Andrea Horwath accuses Wynne of deliberately misleading the public and the legislature.