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Free gas, free food: random acts of kindness

Have you ever found yourself on the receiving end of a random act of kindness?

Maybe you were out having dinner and when you asked for the bill, you find out someone else paid for it.

It was late and Trish was at a gas station, her credit card wasn’t working.

“It was a really huge act of kindness. I filled up my truck. $55!,” Trish explained.

“While I was on the phone with the credit card company, the attendant said, it’s been paid,” she said. “The gentleman smiled at me, waved and walked out the door. He was gone by the time I got off the phone.

She has a message for him.

“To my knight in a parka, thank you so much.”

Then there’s Anna. She had her meal paid for by complete strangers.

“I felt great, I felt like I won the lottery. I wanted to go out of the restaurant screaming and clicking my heels. It was incredible.”

She plans to pay it forward.

Have you been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Share your story in the comment section below.