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Hudak says too many government bodies overseeing transit

TORONTO, Ont. – Tim Hudak wants to get the Greater Toronto Area moving and that includes putting subways and the LRT under the control of Metrolinx, he said Wednesday.

Hudak said that transit in Toronto and the GTA is governed by too many government bodies.

“We have too many backseat drivers in our transit system,” he said.

“It’s time the province seize the wheel. Everyone’s in charge and that means nobody is.”

“We’re going to get nowhere when it comes to breaking gridlock if you’ve got transportation decisions over here and if you’ve got rail split up among 10 different municipalities.”

He called for the city’s subway system and future LRT to be merged into one system overseen by Metrolinx.

He said he would expand subways in Toronto and highways in the GTA but it would not happen until he finds ways to save money in all other government services.

“The first step in financing these projects is to root out the waste in government, strive to find efficiencies and savings in every facet of government,” he said.

Hudak did not rule out taxes or tolls to expand the subway in Toronto but he said it would only be after eliminating government waste.

“[The] provincial government needs to demonstrate we’ve got the current system under control and it will be just as responsible with taxpayer dollars as they are with their own.”

TTC Chair Karen Stintz has opposed what she calls the province cherry-picking the most profitable parts of the TTC.