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Ontario voters split three ways, according to polls

The latest numbers from Abacus Data show it’s too close to call if Ontario voters were to head to the polls tomorrow.

The survey shows the P.C’s with 33 per cent support followed by 31 per cent for the New Democrats and 30 per cent of Liberals.

David Coletto of Abacus Data tells 680News, the Liberals didn’t get a “bounce” in support from their leadership campaign.

“Becoming Premier so far hasn’t given the Liberals any momentum in the polling numbers,” Coletto said.

Coletto feels the results have to be considered disappointing for the P.C’s.

“The fact that you’re polling either at or slightly less than your party got in the last election has to be a little troubling for the opposition,” explained Coletto.

Hudak’s leadership numbers also come up short as New Democrat leader, Andrea Horwath was the most popular.

Coletto feels her ability to work with others is resonating with voters.

“She’s been very effective at positioning herself and the party as one that wants to get results,” said Coletto.

Most of the support for the Ontario Liberals comes in urban Toronto with the Grits coming up short everywhere else in the province.