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Possible criminal charges for Armstrong after illegal doping cover-up

TORONTO, Ont. – Personal and financial troubles continue for the disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong with word that he could now face criminal charges after covering up his illegal doping.

Armstrong will not likely face charges for using drugs, rather he could be charged for silencing the usage.

Federal investigators are in the middle of a criminal investigation for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation, ABC News reported.

“They say he has to come forward, under oath, with names, dates, who helped him get the drugs, who helped him maintain the cover-up, pass the drug-tests,” ABC’s Neal Karlinsky reported.

“There have been talks of him coming in before the Oprah interview, those have since stalled,” Karlinsky added.

It seems like not only was the world watching Armstrong’s interview with Oprah, U.S. investigators were as well.

“The chance of the indictment will renew the debate,” ABC News legal analyst Royal Oakes said. “Why did Armstrong risk civil and criminal action by admitting to what he spent years denying?”

“He may have avoiding false testimony in the past but the government is reportedly looking into charges of witness tampering and intimidation,” Oakes added.

Armstrong confessed to lying and using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career in an interview with Oprah on the OWN network in January.