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Out goes the diet as Super Bowl fans load up on beer and wings

While some NFL fans watch the Super Bowl for the game, others join the partying for the endless amount of snack food.

Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day in terms of food consumption for Americans, behind only Thanksgiving, according to the Miami Herald.

As such it’s not surprising that this is one of the busiest days of the year for Pizza Pizza.

GMO of Pizza Pizza, Pat Finelli, said their restaurants are set to make more than 50,000 pizzas during the Super Bowl, boxing up almost 70 pizzas a minute.

The U.S. Chicken Council reports that over 1.2-billion chicken wings will be consumed during the game.

Duff Famous Wing’s in Toronto will only be open for pick-up orders Sunday said co-owner Hy Erlick.

Mild, medium or medium-hot are the most popular on Super Bowl Sunday.

Duff’s has also arranged for customer’s to pick up their pre-ordered wings in specific time slots throughout the day.

Nachos and chips are among the popular finger-foods served during the Super Bowl with 11-million pounds of chips consumed according to Shape magazine.

Super Bowl snackers sometimes spruce-up chips with dip; 32-percent of people surveyed by NDP Group said they’ll be dipping chips, veggies, and wings Sunday.

Dip-lovers will use approximately 80-million avocados in guacamole, Men’s Health reported.

Even before the average fan picks up a cold drink, The Calorie Control Council and Snack Food Association reports that the average fan will consume 1,200 calories and 50-grams of fat.

After all those greasy, salty snacks are consumed, Super Bowl partiers might wash it all down with a cold beer or can of pop.

The Neilsen Company reported that 51.7-million cases of beer will be sold to quench the thirst of Super Bowl fans.

Hosting a house party? Make sure you have lots of toilet paper on hand because all that beer consumption means it will take 2-billion gallons of water to flush it all away according to saveonbrew.com.

And after all the snacking, drinking and revelling, the average man or woman will burn between 68 and 100 calories an hour while watching the game.

If you call in sick Monday for work you’ll be one of the seven-million people expected to not show up, according to saveonbrew.com.