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Woman gives birth on the side of Hwy. 401 in Milton

A woman gave birth in the freezing weather beside her car on the side of Highway 401 in Milton early Thursday morning.

The mother and her new daughter are said to be doing well in hospital.

The woman, Michele Tyndall, was being driven to a Brampton hospital by her husband, Adam Mascarenhas, when they had to pull over on the eastbound 401 near Highway 25 when labour kicked into high gear.

She laid down on a blanket and delivered her second child on the side of the highway when the windchill was -18C.

The husband called 911 and Sgt. Ryan Snow from Halton police came to help the woman after she delivered her baby.

Snow said he had to improvise when he was instructed to tie off the umbilical cord.

“I went back to my car and grabbed a piece of crime scene tape and that’s what we actually knotted off the umbilical cord with,” he said.