TORONTO, Ont. – Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti says he is investigating a conspiracy at city hall that involves Mayor Rob Ford and his allies being targeted.

Mammoliti alleged Thursday that secret meetings are being hosted.

The Ward 7 York West councillor said the conspiracy might involve phone tapping and people being followed.

“This preliminary investigation is pointing to a direction that proves that there is a group of people that have been out to do some personal damage,” he said.

“When I can prove it, I’ll be going to the police.”

Mammoliti suggested that city councillors, lawyers and private citizens are involved.

“If we can prove what we think we’re going to prove, there will be some councillors in this council that have a lot more to worry about than Mayor Ford.”

Other councillors think it is Mammoliti’s attempt to deflect attention away from a city-ordered audit that revealed his 2010 election campaign spent more than 40 per cent the allowable amount.