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Top health trends for 2013, predicted


The growth of food waste consciousness, mini-meals, gluten-free products and mainstream veganism top the health trends expected to make headlines in 2013.

Marketwire reported that a second annual forecast by a leading national research group studying health-related attitudes and behavior in America.

A study conducted by The Value Institute of DGWB, a social science research entity based out of California used observational studies to identify top health and wellness trends that Americans are most likely to embrace in 2013.

The predicted top five health trends for 2013 are:

1. Food Waste Consciousness. A recent survey by Eco Pulse found that 39 percent of Americans feel guilty after throwing out food. It is believed that Americans will be more conscious of waste and avoiding throwing out food scraps unnessisarily.

2. Wellness in the Workplace. Employers are realizing that working health into the corporate agenda benefits waistlines and bottom lines. Healthcare is expected to rise by 7% in the U.S., companies hope to improve employee health and reduce healthcare expenditures by adding wellness programs.

3. Mini-meals and Snacking. New research shows that those who eat between meals tend to have healthier diets.

4. Meatless Mainstreaming: Last year’s rise of the flexitarians is foreshadowing a trend toward meatless eating and outright veganism, vegetarianism’s older brother.

5. Going Against the Grain. There’s been a hugeinflux of gluten-free products,as people shun carbohydrates. Gluten has joined carbohydrates and corn syrup as the newest ingredient Americans love to leave out.