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Wintry weather strikes GTA on first official full day of winter

Provincial police are reminding drivers to slow down and adjust their driving to the wintry conditions.

TORONTO, Ont. – Provincial police are warning drivers to slow down and take their time, as one of the first major bouts of winter weather strikes the GTA Saturday.

The windy weather and snow squalls come on the first full day of winter, with the winter solstice taking place Friday morning.

A snow squall warning had been in place for the Toronto-area, but it has since ended. North of the city the squall warning was still in effect, Saturday.

Police are requesting that, unless there is no alternative, people heading north of the city try and wait until later this afternoon when the winds and flurries are expected to die down.

With very little snow yet this winter, OPP Constable Paul Nanskivell reminded drivers they need to slow down when faced with poor conditions.

“Be very patient, don’t be in a hurry,” Nanskivell said.

“When people get impatient we find that’s when we get accidents, adjust your diving to the conditions, if you have to slow down, drop your speed 10 or 20 kilometres that’s what you have to do,” he added.

Police are also advising drivers to stick to main roads that are more likely to have been cleared and salted.