OSHAWA, Ont. – An Oshawa, Ont., judge ordered Friday that Darwin, the “Ikea monkey,” must stay at the Story Book primate sanctuary over the Christmas holidays, but that his former owner will be allowed regular visits.

The judge said it’s a temporary order until he hears the case on Jan. 31, 2013.

Justice Michael Brown also ordered that Yasmin Nakuda be allowed regular visits, and that’s what the two sides are currently negotiating.

He told Nakuda he understands her disappointment, but for now, the best place for Darwin is at Story Book.

He also said it appears that the monkey is being well taken care of the sanctuary.

Justice Brown added that since it’s a short period of time, he does not think it will cause irreparable harm to Darwin’s relationship with his former owner.

He also reminded Nakuda that Darwin is not a child, and therefore this is not a child custody case but rather a possession of property case.