As Research in Motion tries to build upon an impressive recent rally, all eyes are focused on the upcoming Blackberry 10 launch.

The Blackberry maker will report its quarterly earnings this week, although they will likely be an afterthought for investors.

RIM’s shares gained 16 per cent last week, and have more than doubled since their September 10-year low.

This, as the anticipation continues to build around their upcoming product, the BB10 handset.

The smartphone, which most analysts see as a make-or-break product for RIM, are due out early in the new year.

RIM recently said it has sent out beta-test versions of the new smartphone to 120 corporate clients in the United States, including 64 members of the Fortune 500.

Analysts see this as an attempt by RIM to keep its biggest corporate customers.

For the latest quarter, analysts have forecast RIM to have a sales drop of 48 per cent and a loss of 35 cents per share.

The company is also poised to finish 2012 with less than 5 per cent of the global smartphone market, a drastic drop from its peak years.

Rogers Corporation, the parent company of this radio station, says its wireless customers will able to place pre-orders for BlackBerry 10 devices starting Monday.

Details on pricing, availability or specifications won’t be announced until early in the New Year, however.