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City approves $500M for Gardiner repairs

TORONTO, Ont. – The city’s budget committee approved Monday spending $500-million over 10 years to repair the Gardiner Expressway. It also wants to weigh the future options of the Don Valley Parkway.

The budget committee has directed staff to come back in May with a report on both the DVP and Gardiner, including the possibility of selling or leasing the roads, adding tolls or making private sector partnerships.

“We don’t have something in the meantime, so we have to do what we need to do and it’s going to be a safe roadway,” budget chief Mike Del Grande said.

He also said finding a budget won’t get in the way of repairing the Gardiner.

City staff recently warned that the eastern portion of the Gardiner may not be fit for use if repairs aren’t carried out in six years.

“I’m in favour of exploring what is the cost of tunneling. What is the cost of putting a double-decker or triple-decker, like they have in New York?” Councillor Doug Ford asked.

Ford has supported underground development in the past and thinks burying the Gardiner deserves serious consideration.