TORONTO, Ont. – A 16-year-old boy surrendered to police after allegedly threatening three boys at the Eaton Centre in two separate incidents.

Toronto police said the teenager, accompanied by his father, arrived at 52 Division Friday.

The boy cannot be identified under the provisions of the Youth Justice Criminal Act.

On Wednesday, police say that an 11-year-old boy was approached by a male at about 5:30 p.m. who said he had a large knife. The male led the boy around the mall.

The boy allegedly handed over an undisclosed amount of cash and was able to escape, police said.

Police say on Nov. 19, a male of a similar description was reported to have threatened two 14-year-old boys. The boys were also led around the mall but were able to escape. Nothing was taken.

The incident was not initially reported.

The teenager has been charged with attempted abduction of a person under 14 and multiple counts of robbery, assault and threatening bodily harm.

He is due in court Saturday.

Police believe there may be more victims.