TORONTO, Ont. – Mayor Rob Ford invites Toronto to “save the date” Jan. 1 for the Mayor’s New Year’s Levee, which will include a family skate at Nathan Phillips Square.

The meet-and-greet tradition, which dates back to 1968, was initially axed, according to a Toronto Sun report.

However, it was later said that a more family-friendly event may be created to replace the levee.

But in his weekly message, the mayor signed off by writing that “we will once again hold the Mayor’s New Year’s Levee at City Hall.”

“This year, we are hoping to make it even more fun for families and children of all ages by including a family skate on our refurbished Nathan Phillips Square ice rink,” the mayor said.

He added that like the traditional levee it will be “an opportunity for me, and other members of council, to ‘meet and greet’ as many of you as I can,” he said.

The levee provides an opportunity for residents to speak with the mayor and councillors.

Last year, the levee was moved to Jan. 2 rather than New Year’s Day without explanation.