TORONTO, Ont. – Hundreds of students gathered Thursday outside Queen’s Park to air their grievances about the ongoing labour strife in the province’s schools.

Many of the students say they want their extracurricular activities back and are concerned about the impact of the work-to-rule action on their education.

One student, who attends an arts school, says extracurricular activities are critical.

“That’s what I go to this school for,” she told 680News. “Without that, what’s the point?”

Public high school teachers have withdrawn from voluntary activities and unpaid administrative duties.

Marco La Grotta, 16, who helped to organize the demonstration, says the students want to engage with the Ontario government.

“We’re trying to engage dialogue within the government,” he told 680News.

He says the NDP and Conservatives have reached out to the students.

A Toronto District School Board student trustee is also working to arrange a meeting with Education Minister Laurel Broten, he says.

Elementary school students joined their secondary school counterparts outside the Ontario legislature as well.

“I came here to support teachers,” one student told 680News.

“It’s really important to me,” another student said. “It means a lot. I care about my teachers.”

Meanwhile, elementary teachers at the TDSB will hit the picket lines Tuesday, the board confirmed Thursday afternoon.

The board says it is awaiting official notification from the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, which is expected to give notice of the strike this weekend.