TORONTO, Ont. – The city’s fire department has launched its annual “12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety” campaign, which focuses on 12 tips to keep people safe throughout the festive season.

“Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every storey, and test them to make sure they work properly,” the Fire Marshal announces in a public service ad, with the hope of making this the most ‘fire-safe’ December ever in Ontario.

“Replace smoke alarms over 10 years old and carbon monoxide alarms over seven years old,” the Fire Marshal says, “and be sure everyone knows how to get out if there’s a fire.”

The campaign features 12 tips which help fight against seasonal risks, as well as things people need to be conscious of throughout the year.

A release from Toronto’s fire department says fires are most likely to strike around the holidays, when people are distracted and more likely to let their guard down.