A Brampton teacher who was charged with allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute was wrongly identified, his lawyer has said. The Crown withdrew all charges on Nov. 15.

Alan Muliyil was a teacher at Fletcher’s Creek senior public school and was arrested in May 2012.

The evidence from the complainant described a dramatically different person than Muliyil. The description of the suspect was a tall, white, elderly man with a beard and long white hair with a bald spot. Mr. Muliyil has brown hair and tanned skin.

The presiding judge endorsed the Crown’s decision. According to a letter from Muliyil’s lawyer to CityNews, His Honour Justice West said “I can echo the Crown’s concerns. There waws in my view no reasonable prospect of conviction… As it relates to Mr. Muliyil, the identification was a completely different person. His Honour also said to Mr. Muliyil: It is quite clear that the identification evidence with respect to you, Sir, was completely flawed from the beginning.”

NOTE: This story was edited from an earlier version published on May 12, 2012.