It looks like parents of elementary-school aged children will have to find childcare for at least one day before the holiday.

This after an Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario official confirmed that every single public elementary school board in Ontario will experience a one-day strike before the holiday break.

So far the strikes are set to last only day, however, Sam Hammond, President of the ETFO, said he hasn’t promised anything to government that would restrict the walkouts to just one day.

He says the job actions could last longer than that and reiterated that the teachers were in a legal strike position.

The Ontario government Thursday said will not block a planned one-day walkout by elementary teachers next Monday in the Stratford and Timmins areas.
Education Minister Laurel Broten says given the fact the Elementary Teachers’ Federation gave parents five days’ notice and assured them the strike will last only one day, she’s prepared to allow it to happen.
Broten says she knows the walkout will be an inconvenience for students and parents, and warns it will not help lead to new contract agreements.
She says if the strike moves beyond one day, the government will immediately reassess the situation and has already prepared the necessary legal documents to end it.
The teachers’ union said the strike is in protest of Bill 115, which gives the government the power to impose a collective agreement if it doesn’t like what the union and local boards negotiate.
Under the legislation, teachers have until Dec. 31 to negotiate deals with school boards.