TORONTO, Ont. – Mayor Rob Ford can stay in office for now, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Divisional Court Justice Gladys Pardu has granted Ford a stay of his ouster pending the outcome of his Jan. 7 appeal in the conflict-of-interest case.

His last day in office would have been Dec. 10.

“I’m going to carry on doing what the people elected me to do,” Ford said after the decision. “They voted for me to be mayor, to get this city back on financial footing, which we’ve done.”

“I’ve got a lot of work to do and I’m going to continue doing it to the best of my ability,” he said.

Pardu said it was clear Ford would suffer irreparable harm if he was booted from office and later won the appeal.

Last week, Ontario Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland ordered Ford out after finding the mayor violated conflict of interest laws by voting on a matter in which he had a financial interest.

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The vote was on whether the mayor should repay $3,150 he had solicited from lobbyists for his football foundation using official city letterhead.

Hackland put the ruling on hold for 14 days to allow the city to make appropriate arrangements.

If Ford loses his appeal, he has said he will run in a byelection if council decides to call one.

“I’m just very glad that I got the stay today and I can’t wait for the appeal,” Ford said.

Council can either appoint an interim mayor until the next municipal election in 2014 or call a byelection at an estimated cost of $7 million.