For the fourth year in a row, the best place to live on the planet is Vienna, Austria, according to an annual survey by global human-resources consulting firm Mercer.

Toronto came in fourteenth on the list, with Ottawa and Vancouver being the other two Canadian cities to make the top fifteen.

Despite the financial problems in Europe, eight of the top ten most livable cities were actually there.

Vienna, for example, ranks at or near the top in a number of categories. The survey looks at things like government stability, crime rate, banking services, health care, pollution levels, transportation, housing and recreation.

Vienna is famous for its hundreds of museums and more than 2,000 parks.

Other top-ranked European cities included number two on the list, Zurich, Switzerland along with Munich and Frankfurt, both in Germany.

Auckland, New Zealand ranks third while the top Canadian city, Vancouver, comes in fifth.

Montreal meanwhile ranked twenty-third.

Cities with unstable governments and poverty ranked near the bottom, with eight African cities making the bottom ten. According to the survey the city with worst quality of life was Baghdad, Iraq.