It can be tough to stay healthy this time of year, especially with some of the drastic temperature swings we’ve seen recently.

With flu season and long to-do lists adding to the pressure, it can be especially difficult to avoid getting sick.

“We have a barrage of viruses and bacteria around us at any given time of the year, but now even more so, it’s flu season,” says Bryce Wylde.

Wylde is a homeopathic expert and the health and wellness expert on Citytv’s Breakfast Television.

He says taking echinacea can help balance your immune system, adding that oil of oregano can also be helpful in some circumstances.

“The caveat with oregano oil is that it’s so powerful, not only anti-viral, anti-microbial but also anti-bacterial, that it can upset gut microbes and good bacteria,” Wylde said. “The necessary bacteria, probiotics, in our intestinal chords, where by the way 80 per cent of our immune system sits.”

Because of these risks Wylde says you shouldn’t take oregano oil for longer than two weeks at a time.

Other natural substances with benefit include zinc.

“What science has learned about zinc is that it works in our mouth and nasal cavity to prevent viruses from adhering to the tissue,” Wylde said. “The viruses adhere to zinc and you can flush them out.”

Garlic also has benefits, according to Wylde.

“You can take garlic, more than you would ever get in your pasta, in high levels and it literally can help to fight away a bacterial respiratory infection,” Wylde said.

As far as the flu shot, Wylde says it can be especially helpful for people with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, the elderly and young children.

He adds that you should ask for the mercury-free form of the shot.

“Ask your doctor for the unit dose flu shot, and you’ll get the one without any mercury,” Wylde said.