NEWMARKET, Ont. – One woman is being treated in hospital for smoke inhalation after a fire inside a rooming house in Newmarket.

The fire broke out at the home – located on Timothy Street, near Davis Drive and Main Street South – just before 3 a.m..

The woman, who was trapped in a bedroom, was rescued by firefighters and is expected to be okay. Central York Fire Service Chief Ian Laing told CityNews Channel it was a tough rescue, because soon after, the fire sparked and increased ten-fold.

“The conditions in the house changed dramatically at that time and the crew had to retreat,” he said. “Their equipment’s pretty burned up, so it’s a great job on their part to get the person out safely before the fire progressed to the point that she wouldn’t have survived.”

Eight people were living in the house at the time of the blaze, and damage is too extensive for them to return.

The cause of the fire is not known.