TORONTO, Ont. – A Toronto businessman has donated $150,000 toward initiatives aimed at helping residents in the Danzig Street community.

The donation will be used toward helping students achieve academically and supporting adults attain career goals.

“Our youths need guidance,” Akanimo Udofia said.

“They need opportunities that motivate them to aspire to heights now deemed unattainable and a safe environment to make this happen.”

The donation is being distributed over three years.

“My sincere hope is that over the three years my annual donation would help alleviate some of the conditions that made the July 16 incident in Danzig possible,” Udofia said.

The Scarborough Boys and Girls Club will act as trustee of the money, and the city will monitor the progress of the activities and how it is used.

“Receiving the grant will be very beneficial to the community,” tenant representative Lynette Gittens said in a statement.

“This grant will open doors to valuable opportunities for residents and help strengthen and support the vision of the community’s leaders.”