The numbers are staggering, with approximately 285-million people around the world now having diabetes.

Nine millions of those are estimated to be in Canada alone, and the numbers are quickly growing.

Calgary pharmacist Jason Chan Remillard estimated that by 2030, diabetes will affect 438 million people.

Perhaps most shocking is that it is occurring in both children and adults.

“Increasing levels of obesity, it’s happening in children so we’re having a lot more children diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes,” Remillard said.

“Also our population is aging so we’re having a lot more older people that are being diagnosed with diabetes as well,” he added.

Excessive weight, sedentary lifestyles and eating the wrong foods are at least partly to blame, according to most experts.

A person’s life expectancy for Type 1 diabetes may be shortened by 15 years, while a person with Type 2 diabetes may have their life expectancy shortened by 5-10 years.

According to experts that can be significantly reduced by regular exercise and a healthy diet.