TORONTO, Ont. – With only three days to go before the Argonauts and Stampeders battle it out for the 100th Grey Cup at Rogers Centre, Mayor Rob Ford is making his predictions and making plans for his pre-game warm-up.

“I’m predicting 30-21 for the Argos, the passing game against the running game which should really, really be interesting,” he told 680News.

This week has been a triple treat for Ford. The Vanier Cup – showcasing the best of Canada’s university football – will be held on Friday evening, while earlier this week, the high school football team Ford coaches – Don Bosco – learned they would be going to the Metro Bowl next Tuesday.

“Going to events for the CFL it’s 24-hour-a-day with eating, sleeping football,” Ford said.

Meanwhile, Thursday morning saw some horsing around outside the Bank of Montreal building, when Calgary Stampeders fans tried to keep with tradition and trot Marty, a stand-in for their touchdown horse, into the Royal York Hotel.

Initially, the horse wasn’t allowed inside the hotel, so Calgary fans paraded it through the Bank of Montreal building instead, while fans of both the Argos and the Stampeders cheered for their team.

However, the staff at the Royal York changed their minds, and allowed Marty through the doors of the hotel at 2:15 p.m.

The horse stood in the lobby as Stamps fans cheered, while Argo fans tried to drown them out. He signed the guest book with his hoof (dipped in an ink pad) and then he left, and went and stood on the front lawn.

The hotel’s Carrie-Anne Cotani said he wasn’t allowed inside earlier “because he came too early, it wasn’t check-in time yet”.

All the way from Calgary, Alvin came to watch Marty’s visit and said it was everything he wanted.

“This is awesome, this is great. Thank you, Toronto. Well done,” he told 680News.

Riding Martie was Fletcher, all decked out in cowboy gear. He said this was the last bit of luck the Stamps needed heading into Sunday’s game.

“It’s great, it’s unbelievable,” he said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

Marty’s day also included a trip to the CityNews Channel building at Yonge and Dundas, where reporter Francis D’Souza told him to prepare for an Argo victory.

Meanwhile, the Stampeders have confirmed their touchdown horse, Quick Six, will be attending the actual Grey Cup game. However, he will not be allowed to gallop up and down the sidelines and will be limited to standing in the northeast corner of Rogers Centre, due to safety concerns.