TORONTO, Ont. – Closing arguments wrapped up Tuesday in the $6-million defamation lawsuit trial against Mayor Rob Ford.

Restaurant owner George Foulidis is alleging Ford libeled him when the mayor suggested a leasing deal between Foulidis’ company, Tuggs Inc., awarded by the city, was corrupt.

In closing arguments Monday, Foulidis’ lawyer said Ford alleged corruption to help himself get elected.

Foulidis is suing Ford for remarks the mayor made during a meeting with the Toronto Sun editorial board.

“These in-camera meetings, there’s more corruption and skulduggery going on in there than I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ford told the editorial board in 2010. “And if Tuggs isn’t then I don’t know what is.”

But Ford’s lawyer argues that he was talking about the company, not Foulidis, and that companies cannot be defamed.