TORONTO, Ont. – The Toronto Police Services Board told Police Chief Bill Blair to revise his budget and return with further spending cuts.

“We have not been able to see a real movement with respect to further reduction in the budget and the board is asking that, that be done,” board vice-chair Michael Thompson said.

Thompson said the chief’s budget needs to hit the city’s target of $927.8-million, which represents a zero increase over 2012. The board refused to consider the chief’s request for a $21.3-million hike to the 2013 budget.

“We’re steadfast. We want to hold the line at zero,” Thompson said.

But Blair is not convinced it can be done without layoffs. The chief said he would have to lay off at least 137 officers and 52 civilian employees to meet the target.

“Things cost what they cost,” Blair said. “We’ve reported that to the board and I can’t change the numbers.”

Thompson said the board wants the chief to revise his budget without layoffs.

“This should not affect front-line officers,” he said.

The board also wants Blair to explore some suggestions. It proposed one officer per cruiser versus two officers, contracting out court security and closing police stations in off-hours.

“Many calls require two officers to attend,” Blair said. The suggestion might also spark workplace safety concerns with the Toronto police union.

The next budget meeting is in December.