TORONTO – The siren sounds, Wednesday, for the official start of the five-month race for the federal Liberal leadership.
Already, some of the six declared candidates have been crossing the country trying to drum up support. That includes MP Justin Trudeau — the perceived front-runner who announced his candidacy six weeks ago.
Former Toronto MP Martha Hall Findlay will announce her candidacy Wednesday in Calgary, Alta. Hall Findlay has just finished paying off the debt she piled up from her last run at the leadership in 2006.
Karen McCrimmon, a retired lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian military, is also expected to announce her candidacy, possibly as soon as Wednesday.
Vancouver MP Joyce Murray, Toronto lawyer George Takach and Montreal MP Marc Garneau are also expected to join the race shortly.
Other names already in the race include Deborah Coyne, Alex Burton, David Bertschi, Jonathan Mousley and David Merner.
The Liberals will chose its leader on April 14, 2013, in Ottawa.