TORONTO, Ont. – Construction crews began working to remove the white lines showing bike lane access on Jarvis Street Monday when protesters sat down blocking the process.

A handful of protesters showed up on the scene and sat down between the lines on Jarvis Street making it difficult to continue the removal process.

Police arrived just south of Shuter Jarvis Street Tuesday afternoon to mediate between the construction company and protestors so the work can be completed. One man was taken into police custody with pending charges after officers tried to negotiate with him after he laid down on the north side bike lanes. That man was placed in a police cruiser before heading to the local police division.

The lane removal work has resumed and police are moving alongside the machines ushering protesters back from the equipment.

The protesters said the bike lanes have made the street safer for cyclists. But others, including Mayor Rob Ford, argue that the lanes have snarled traffic.

“I wasn’t the one who voted to put them in the first place,” Ford said.

“During my campaign, I listened to the people who use that road. They want to get home to their families quicker.”

“I’ve listened to the taxpayers and done what they want me to do,” he said.

Last month, a final effort to save the lanes was unsuccessful.

The centre drive lane is expected to return to Jarvis Street by early December.