TORONTO, Ont. – An independent engineering firm, hired by the City of Toronto, has reportedly concluded the deteriorating condition of the Gardiner Expressway is a “significant hazard to public safety.”

In the IBI Group report obtained by the Toronto Star, the engineers recommended detective measures like debris-netting and even closing off areas under the Gardiner to protect pedestrians.

It also noted that they were able to find sizable problems in some areas that city engineers deemed fine.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, who chairs the city’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, told 680News his department will act on the reports recommendations.

“We’ve learned some things from the report. We need to invest more money in it, and we’re going to go forward and do that,” Wong said.

“What’s we’ve learned is the visual inspections weren’t enough and that there’s been some damage from the freeze-thaw that we’ve had, and up until now we haven’t known that,” he added.