TORONTO, Ont. – Hockey fans in the city are a long suffering bunch, and now they are enduring more pain with no NHL hockey at all.

To fight back a group of people are organizing what they call a ‘Hockey Not in Canada’ rally.

While it has been quiet at NHL arenas as the lockout continues, Saturday night might be a little different.

On what would have been the official start of the NHL season for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a group of hockey fans are expected to rally outside the Air Canada Centre.

The rally is meant to call attention to the suffering that the hockey lockout is causing in Toronto.

On a YouTube appeal, the group had this to say.

“It’s our chance to start battling back, join us, October 13 from 4-7 (p.m.) at York and Bremner,” said Matteo Codispoti of

That’s just outside the ACC, and Codispoti is requesting everyone brings picket signs and wears their blue-and-white.