In-flight Internet access is set for a major expansion in Canadian airspace, now that federal aviation regulators have given the go-ahead for cross-Canada WiFi service on aircraft.

The service is being set up by Illinois-based Gogo Incorporated, along with Ottawa-based partner Skysurf Canada Communications.

The two companies intend to build the infrastructure to offer in-flight WiFi by the end of 2013.

The Financial Post is reporting that the companies will initially market it to existing partners including Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.

Gogo also has a limited partnership with Air Canada, currently offering in-flight WiFi on two flights between Toronto and Los Angeles.

Gogo’s current pricing ranges from $1.95 for 15 minutes of access to upward of $20 for cross-country travel.

Both Air Canada and WestJet say they’re still assessing the technology.