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Video of body parts murder reportedly posted online; website owner refuses to remove it

OTTAWA – The man who owns the Edmonton, Alta.-based gore website that is showing a possible video of the gruesome murder of a man in Montreal, Que., whose body parts were then mailed to Ottawa, refuses to take it down.

The graphic film had been sent to Mark Marek anonymously, and despite the possible disturbing truth behind it, he’s keeping it up.

The video is still available although a notice on the site that says high traffic is making it very hard for people to see it.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said there are laws against showing material like this.

“There are laws on the books against that kind of website and I would expect that police would look into those things and take the appropriate action,” Toews said on Thursday.

But in an e-mail conversation with 1310News reporter Cormac MacSweeney, Marek said the content of his site shows the reality of what humans can do, and his photos of crash scenes deter people from drunk driving.

He adds “if that’s my crime, then I’ll voluntarily turn myself in.”

Marek believes his site should be applauded because his members identified Magnotta as a suspect four days before the case made headlines, and it’s not his fault officers ignored their complaints.

While he won’t take the video down, Marek added he is hoping for a quick arrest in the case and that justice is served.

On Thursday, the NDP MP Randall Garrison said  there are options.

“One of the things I would say is that one of the sections has been used in the past, It’s been the hate crimes section of the human rights code, which has allowed the human rights commission to step in to take down websites,” Garrison explained.

He said it is disturbing to know that anyone would keep this video up.

Garrison added that he believes the government needs to review the criminal code to make sure there are no loopholes allowing this material to go public.