TORONTO, Ont. – The federal government is promising to change same-sex divorce laws in response to a court case that put the legality of thousands of marriages in question.

A federal lawyer in a Toronto divorce case said foreign couples, who had come to Canada to say their vows, should not have their marriage recognized if they are from a jurisdiction has not legalized the union.

In a written statement, the justice minister said the government has no intention of reopening the debate on the definition of marriage.

However, Rob Nicholson said he will be looking at options to clarify the divorce law so that all marriages performed in Canada can be undone in Canada.

Ken Coolen with the Vancouver Pride Society told 680News he is happy the government is listening to the outcries of the public but he is not fully satisfied.

“It is still very weary that this would be brought forward as a defence so I guess it’s still a little bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.”

Some gay rights groups say they were immediately swamped with calls from same-sex couples around the world, worried their marriage licence would end up being nothing more than a piece of paper.