TORONTO, Ont. – At a time when there is an outcry against NHL enforcers, a Canadian sports card company is out with a series of hockey cards, hailing the leagues tough guys.

The trading cards are decked out with fake blood spatter and bandages and celebrate the NHL’s enforcers, but critics say the design is offensive.

“I think it’s completely inappropriate. It’s promoting violence,” one woman told 680News.

“I don’t think it’s right. Not on hockey cards,” another woman said.

“It’s not something I want to encourage my kids to want to have and to look at,” one woman replied when asked if she would buy the cards for her young child.

Others say they do not have a problem with the cards, as long as young children are not buying them.

“Having watched hockey as a teenager I used to like the fights, it’s a part of hockey I think – to me,” one woman told 680News.

“It’s part of the sport. It’s a physical sport so I think a little bit of blood on the hockey cards – there’s no problem with it,” said one man.

The deck includes a card for Wade Belak, one of three former tough guys who died this year.

Brian Price is the owner of In The Game, the company that makes the cards, and told 680News the criticisms are unfortunate.

“I guess it’s just a timing issue right now, with the unfortunate deaths of a couple of players, maybe some related to injuries on the ice but others relate it to other things,” he said.

Price added that the cards do not promote violence.

“We are not glorifying violence what so ever. We are playing tribute to a group of hockey payers who have a specific role in the sport.”

The company has been working on the cards for over a year now and Price expects them to sell out when they go on sale.