TORONTO, Ont. – The Toronto Raptors are completing one of their worst-ever seasons, while the Toronto Blue Jays are tied for first after winning four of their first five games.

So how come there were many more fans at the Raptors game Wednesday night than at the Blue Jays game?

Apparently given the choice of an excellent baseball team or a thoroughly ineffective basketball team, Toronto sports fans prefer the hoops.

Only around 12,000 people were in attendance at the Jays game at the Rogers Centre, Wednesday night, while there were almost 15,000 people at the Air Canada Centre to see the Raptors fall to the 29th place Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Jays are getting smart hitting, sharp pitching and near perfect defence, but who’s watching?

The Raptors shoot like drunker sailors and defend like … well, they don’t defend. Maybe it’s the free T-shirts they shoot into the stands that brings in the crowds?

Jays sold out for opening day and did bring in over 100,000 on opening weekend, but it looks as if they’ll have to keep winning to fill the seats this summer.