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2010 a record year for Toronto tourism

The Toronto skyline from Lake Ontario

TORONTO, Ont. – Whether it was a surge in international attention created by the G20 or our reputation as being a clean and safe city, tourism in Toronto hit record levels in 2010.

According to Tourism Toronto, the city was ranked in sixth place in hotel occupancy among top North American cities, behind New York, Boston, San Francisco and Miami.

In 2009, Toronto was in the number 10 spot.

Hotel stays in Toronto increased to 68.3 per cent, up 9.7 per cent over the prior year.

In 2010, the city saw about 10 million overnight visitors, which translated into $4.5 billion in revenue.

Although most of the travellers who visited Toronto were from the United States, the fastest growing visitor markets included India, Brazil, China and Japan. See below for the list:

1. U.S. – 1,970,000
2. U.K. – 194,000
3. China – 117,000
4. Germany – 78,000
5. France – 71,000
6. Japan – 70,000
7. India – 64,000
8. Brazil – 42,000