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Slippery roads and weather conditions delay GTA drivers

January 8th, Southbound Don Valley Parkway

TORONTO, Ont. – Downtown Toronto is one of the many areas that is getting more snow than expected. The weather conditions have caused traffic on most major highways to move slower than usual.

The snow is expected to taper to flurries this afternoon creating hazardous driving and poor visibility.

680’s meteorologist Harold Hosein said this is a weak system, but the wind off Lake Ontario is making it worse.

“By the time this is over late this afternoon, portions of the city of Toronto on the east side could have between fifteen to twenty centimetres of snow,” Hosein reports.

“On the west side, between ten to fifteen centimetres. It is all due to the wind coming from the lake.”

680’s traffic reporter Matt Padanyi is advising all drivers to put safety first and to remember that the roads are being shared.

“Today is one of those days where it’s going to take team work from everyone out on the road to ensure that everyone gets to where they’re going safely,” said Padanyi.

Drivers are finding it hard to see the lane markers on the roads and are unable to see what lane they are driving in. “When you get to the 427 things start getting heavy there. The snow is evident on the road,” Padanyi reports.

“401 westbound, that’s where things really start to get bad. That’s where the lines disappear because the snow has covered the roads completely.”

“It’s a really messy situation out this morning,” he said.

This is the first time in two years that we have seen more than ten centimetres at Pearson airport.

The best advice is if you do not have to drive, don’t!