BRAMPTON, Ont. – An 18-year-old man has been charged in connection with a crash that claimed the life of a 41-year-old woman in Brampton, early Wednesday morning.

Peel police told 680News Brian Turner has been charged with several offences related to drinking and driving, dangerous driving causing death and taking a vehicle without consent.

The crash happened at around 5 a.m. Wednesday at Bramalea Road and Central Park Drive, while the woman was out in the early hours delivering newspapers to earn more money before Christmas.

Police said Turner was joyriding in his parent’s Ford Focus when it slammed into a Honda Civic, throwing the female passenger through the window 20 metres away and killing her instantly.

“He’s an 18 year old, you know, just starting his life,”Constable George Tudos told 680News. “It’s not really a good start. It is a long list of charges.”

They include “impaired and dangerous operation causing death, two counts of impaired causing bodily harm, and two counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, and also taking auto without owner’s consent.”

Police said the woman’s husband was driving the car and is in hospital with critical injuries.

“The impact must have been very severe, you know, especially to throw someone out of a vehicle so far and to have all these car parts all over the roadway and all over the grass area here,” one Peel police officer said at the scene.

The 18-year-old received minor injuries.

Constable Tudos said the accident is a reminder of the deadly consequences of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

“We urge drivers all throughout the year not to drink and drive, but especially at this time of the year, there’s a lot more parties, and we do urge that if you’re going to be drinking, don’t be driving,” he said.