A YouTube video has surfaced showing singer Miley Cyrus smoking a herb known as “salvia.”

Both Canada and the U.S. have access to the herb, that has been described as intense, euphoric, and extremely dangerous for the human body.

Salvia takes affect within a couple of seconds and the high can last up to half an hour.

The herb is linked to a number of violent and tragic incidents.

Dr. Howard C. Samuels of The Hills Treatment Centre in Los Angeles told 680News the high can be described as an “out-of-body experience.”

“It’s a very intense high, but what it does is, it creates hallucinations. You lose total control over your body,” said Dr. Samuels.

He said that in one case, a teen committed suicide while tripping out on salvia.

Several videos have been posted on YouTube featuring people getting high off the herb. Many people in the videos appear to lose control of their bodies while under the influence.

Dr. Samuels says he is fighting to have the herb banned all over the United States.

U.S officials are starting to realize how dangerous the herb is and it is now a misdemeanour in eleven states.

The herb has not been approved for sale by Health Canada.