TORONTO, Ont. – Over 15,000 fans crammed into the Air Canada Centre, Monday night, to see R&B sensation Usher in concert.

The show began with opening act R&B artist Trey Songz, who put on a stellar performance, which sent the mostly female audience into a frenzy. He sang many of his hits, including “Say Aah.”

But what turned out to be the biggest surprise of the night was when Canadian rap star Drake walked out onstage and performed with Songz.

Usher finally took his turn by arriving on a hovering stage that floated above and across the audience.

He wowed the audience with his dancing and singing his hits, such as “OMG” and “DJ Got Us Falling in Love.”

“Fantastic time; it was a great performance,” one fan said. “Really energetic, he was really good,” another fan said. “Well-worth the money I paid,” another added.

But Blair felt that Songz did a much better performance than Usher.

Rudy’s concert rating: 3.5 stars out of five; four stars for Songz and three stars for Usher