TORONTO, Ont. – A day after an Ontario Superior Court ruling struck down Canada’s prostitution laws, the federal government has announced they plan to appeal the decision.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson made the announcement today in the House of Commons, saying the Harper government does not support the ruling, which would pave the way for decriminalizing the sex trade and make it legal to run a sex trade business out of a private residence.

Meanwhile, a Canadian think tank has been pushing to to have the ruling appealed.

“We are very upset about this. We have seen it coming for a number of years because our Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin legalized sex clubs a few years ago. We were waiting for this penny to drop,” said Dr. Charles McVety, of the Christian based Institute for Canadian Values.

“I was deeply aggrieved, because of all the damage that will happen to women and children especially. No one wants their daughter to go and become a prostitute,” he told 680News

Premier McGuinty said he would support the federal government’s decision, but McVety feels the Ontario Liberals need to step up to the plate.

“It’s shameful that Dalton McGuinty would not take a stand. Shame on him for not pushing his Attorney General to appeal this, because this is an Ontario decision,” McVety said.

The ruling takes effect at the end of October.