TORONTO, Ont. – The newly named president and CEO of eHealth Ontario says he plans to set a tone from the top of basic, ethical business practices.

Greg Reed says the first thing he’ll do is try to settle everything down at the provincial agency, which is still facing a lot of heat over spending scandals.

He says the auditor general wrote a report last year with some solutions for checks and balances and one of his first jobs will be to check on the implementation of those practices and policies.

The eHealth scandal rocked the Liberals this past summer, after it was revealed that $1 billion was spent to develop electronic health records with very little to show for it.

Reed says the agency needs to have a clear end point that it can articulate to the people of Ontario and to all of its partners in the medical community.

Reed, who has been the CEO of both a wealth management company and a Canadian bank, was officially named to his new post Tuesday.