It’ll last longer, be harder to copy and be better for you.

The federal finance minister has announced our paper money is going to be replaced with polymer bills.

The bills will feel different but, they’ll last up to three times longer.

Next year our cotton paper bills will be replaced with a synthetic polymer.

Several countries including Austrialia have already started using the plastic money.

It costs more to print but overall the hardiness of the bills will reduce the cost because we won’t have to print as many.

It also means our currency will be less grubby.

The smooth surface will carry around less dirt.

It won’t absorb sweat and other liquids and will be more germ-resistant.

The money will also be waterproof, so leaving that $20-bill in the pocket of your jeans and putting them through the wash won’t be as devastating.

The Bank of Canada said new bills will contain more elaborate security features, including clear windows, making them harder to counterfeit.